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Serology Services

Surrey Diagnostics provides a range of serology testing services to detect many viral, bacterial and protozoan infections that may be present in your laboratory animal colonies. In order to ensure successful research, it is vital to check the health status of your animals on a regular basis.

These services can be carried out as part of your laboratory animal health monitoring programme or as a 'snapshot' of their current health status.

The methods used by Surrey Diagnostics yield an extremely high level of sensitivity and accuracy, giving you consistently high quality results.

Surrey Diagnostics also carries out routine sample evaluations. If any samples are found to test positive during the programme they will be automatically re-tested to confirm diagnosis.

In addition to out internal policy of retesting all equivocal, borderline and unexpected positive serology results, all samples are also sent to a second testing laboratory for confirmation and/or clarification. This service is provided entirely at Surrey Diagnostics' own cost. We believe that Clients are paying for a result, and it is Surrey Diagnostics' responsibility to provide the most professional service available.

A comprehensive report accompanies the results of Surrey Diagnostics' serology testing services. These can be provided to Clients on paper, via e-mail or both, whichever is preferred.


Bead Technology

Surrey Diagnostics use Bead technology (multiplexed immunoassay) as our primary method of serology testing for rodents.

Bead technology is a highly sensitive testing method and employs the latest technology, including many internal controls that vastly increase the reliability of the test and reduce the opportunities for human error.

The Bead technology has been developed to use very small sample volumes to test a wide panel of agents. This means terminal bleeds are not always necessary and multiple samplings from a single subject are possible.

Various testing panels for mice, rats and guinea pigs are available. Bead technology will be used as the primary serology method for other species as reagents become available.

Click here to see the Bead profiles.



ELISA (enzyme-linked immunosorbant assay) remains the primary serology method used by Surrey Diagnostics for guinea-pigs, rabbits, hamsters, gerbils, cats and dogs.

ELISA is a long established method for testing single agents

It is also the method used when rat and mouse samples are tested for single agents or non-standard profiles in order to make the testing more cost effective for our Clients.

This is a long established method for screening serum samples and is still considered highly effective and accurate.


IFA (immuno-fluorescent antibody) testing is used by Surrey Diagnostics as a confirmatory test method when equivocal or borderline results are obtained via Bead and/or ELISA testing.

IFA (immuno-fluorescent antibody) testing is used by Surrey Diagnostics as a confirmatory test method

Surrey Diagnostics can also source specialist serology testing kits and services when our Clients have a specific need. Our experience in independent screening enables us to provide advice and recommend the right solutions to our Clients.


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