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PCR Pathogen detection

Molecular diagnostics

Surrey Diagnostics provide a wide range of Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) services to our Clients.

Molecular diagnostic testing has become a recognised and important part of diagnostic animal screening and PCR tests are a key method for detecting pathogens such as:

•    Helicobacters
•    Mycoplasma pulmonis
•    Pneumocystis carinii
•    Murine Parvoviruses
•    Mouse Norovirus
•    Canine Parvovirus & Aleutian Disease
•    Mycobacteria

The PCR tests offered by Surrey Diagnostics are also used to detect viruses unable to be detected through serology testing, particularly in immuno-compromised animals.

P3 Screen - Please click here to learn about our faecal PCR test for the most prevalent pathogens in mice and rats that are reliably shed in faeces.

FAST PCR - Please click here for learn about our full range of PCR tests on samples

FAST PCR Panels - Please click here to see available tests and required sample types

FAST PCR FELASA - Please click here to see available tests and required sample types

Available pathogen tests

Surrey Diagnostics has developed PCR tests for the rapid detection of a wide range of pathogens, including:

Analysis is carried out using faecal pellets on site at Surrey Diagnostics. This means that animals do not have to be sacrificed for screening.

Samples which are found positive for Helicobacter sp. can be further tested to identify the species present. Tests regularly run include; H.hepaticus, H.bilis, H.rodentium, H.muridarum and H.typhlonius.

Mycoplasma pulmonis and Pneumocystis carinii
Analysis is carried out using lung tissue samples. The advantage of being able to test in this way at Surrey Diagnostics eliminates the need for lengthy (and costly) silver stain histopathology, or culture.

Murine Parvoviruses (MPV, MVM, RPV, KRV, H-1 & RMV)
Analysis is carried out using faecal samples. This method enables non-invasive testing and can also be used to confirm the results of serology analysis.

Murine Parvoviruses persist for many weeks longer in the mesenteric lymph nodes than in faecal samples. For a comprehensive testing regime these tissues should also be sent for analysis.

Mouse Norovirus (MNV)
Analysis is carried out using faecal samples. This method enables non-invasive testing and can also be used to confirm the results of serology analysis.

Canine Parvovirus (CPV) & Aleutian Disease
Analysis is carried out using faecal samples. The advantage of using this method of testing is the speed and sensitivity of diagnosis over the traditional ‘sandwich ELISA’ method. In addition to this, unlike in ELISA testing, any blood that may be found in the faecal sample will not affect the analysis and result.

Aleutian Disease in ferrets is caused by a Parvovirus. Surrey Diagnostics have a specific PCR based test to detect this virus in faecal samples.

Mycobacteria are widespread organisms which typically live in water, including water treated with chlorine. Various species of Mycobacteria can cause disease in Zebrafish and Xenopus colonies, and can be zoonotic. Surrey Diagnostics offers a PCR based test to detect and identify Mycobacteria from tissue samples, water samples and bio-film samples.

Measurement and control

Surrey Diagnostics understand the importance of preventing cross-contamination as well as providing consistently high sampling volumes for our Clients.

We employ rigorous measuring and monitoring systems in our facility and for our equipment that are constantly reviewed and controlled.

Surrey Diagnostics also carries out sample evaluations for every Client programme. If any samples are found to test positive during the programme they will be automatically re-tested to confirm diagnosis.

Undertaking a professional monitoring and screening service for the health of your animals is fundamental to successful research. We are proud of our reputation and the services that we provide to our Clients in this area.

Available PCR tests and the recommended sample types

If sending cell line samples, please contact us to discuss the best way to submit them. If sending tissue samples, please click here for recommended sample types.

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