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About AiroCide™

Surrey Diagnostics are leading experts in the detection, monitoring and elimination of allergens and micro-organisms. We have a wealth of experience in all areas of allergen and microbiological screening.

We introduced the AiroCide™ into the UK in response to the growing requirement for many industries and companies to reduce the level of airborne allergens in their working environments.

The AiroCide™ has applications across many different markets and types of business – from a home office to a large hospital, a fresh produce storage facility to a dentist surgery.

The AiroCide™ ACS-100

It can be used wherever there are airborne allergens and micro-organisms, chemicals or particles that need to be removed safely and it completely destroys pathogens. The AiroCide™ is NOT a filter and produces NO OZONE.

The AiroCide™ was developed using NASA technology – to solve the problem of keeping food fresh on board the space shuttle. It has also been the subject of a published research paper in the UK, by a leading medical research professional.

To find out more about AiroCide™ and the difference it has made in our clients' work places, click here.

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